HIVE Partner

The philosophy of HIVE is a networked and modular ecosystem that creates a holistic air traffic management with strong partners. Due to its modularity, the HIVE offers hardware and software interfaces for a wide range of drone sizes, types, sensors and software applications. As a basic platform, the HIVE enables any drone application in 24/7 operation and lays the foundation for a future drone infrastructure through its efficient battery exchange system.

The partner for drones in the B2B sector

MOST Robotics, is an innovative, German manufacturer for drone systems. The vision: to make work easier, more efficient, faster and safer through autonomous robots. MOST Robotics offers the complete package. From consulting, special developments, configuration, to training and support from one source, simple and direct. Thanks to our unique configurator, you can configure your system with all extensions and payloads in a price-transparent way and send your request to our consulting office.

MOST Robotics


SPLEENLAB GmbH is a highly specialized AI software company founded with the Idea to redefine Safety and AI. Since April 2018, the company has been primarily engaged in the development and distribution of safe Machine Learning algorithms for the semi- and fully autonomous mobility, especially the flight of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), helicopters, Air Taxis, driving vehicles and beyond. The groundbreaking fusion of different sensors, such as camera, laser and radar by means of Machine Learning is the core business of the company. The generated SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) enables completely new applications and products for any kind of autonomous mobility. The company is based in Saalburg-Ebersdorf, Germany. 


Dronesolut the partner for commercial drone operations

Dronesolut supports companies and government institutions in integrating unmanned aerial systems (UAS) into their business field and using them efficiently. In conjunction with this, a contribution is to be made to ecological, sustainable air traffic.




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