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Dr. Axel Brunn

I am a serial founder, business angel, advisor and business consultant believing in growth by creating, learning, exploring, persevering and foremost by helping others.

Dr. Axel Brunn | HIVE Strategy and Communication Advisor

As an early-stage investor and advisor, I have the privilege of seeing and evaluating new venture ideas on a daily basis. A clear selection strategy is therefore a fundamental prerequisite for sustainable portfolio success.   

My selection strategy is based on three key factors: the existence of sustainable value potential, a stringent business model/plan that shows how this potential can be achieved, and an experienced, field-tested founding team. 

With HIVE, it was quickly clear to me that this was an exceptional venture that immediately excited me in each of these dimensions. HIVE’s positioning as a cross-application base-layer ecosystem for the commercialized use of autonomous drone systems offers a unique opportunity: HIVE is a true first mover in the highly attractive market segment and megatrend of autonomous drones.

The system has the potential to automate labor-intensive, repetitive and error-prone tasks across a wide range of industries and use cases. 

The founding team also made a lasting impression on me with their extensive know-how and expertise, as well as a high level of experience in building and scaling a tech startup. 

This led to my fastest ever commitment to an Advisory position, which has been rewarded with very regular, intense and productive interactions with the founding team since I joined. I am very happy to be part of the team and the vision of HIVE.

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  • Dr. Axel Brunn

    During his doctorate on the topic of “Complexity Management in After-Sales Service” at the Research Institute of Corporate Management, Logistics & Production at the Technical University of Munich, Dr. Axel Brunn supervises and leads numerous research projects in the areas of product, service & process optimization in manufacturing companies in various industries.

    In 2009 he continues his career as a management consultant with a focus on manufacturing companies.
    His project activities include the cost optimization of a new product line of an industrial robot manufacturer, the cost and process optimization in the productive area of a wind turbine manufacturer, the assembly optimization of a conveyor technology manufacturer as well as the successful turnaround of an open die forge.

    AW Brunn International GmbH (AWBI for short), founded in 2006 together with his father, Dr. Wolfgang Brunn, serves to expand the already existing consulting business with a new focus of activity:
    The participation in and acquisition of start-ups as well as existing small and medium-sized enterprises.

    With the foundation of VCUT GmbH (2014), which is the company behind the D2C e-commerce apparel label “AESPAREL”, he successfully follows the path of the founder in the field of e-commerce / B2C in parallel.

    His range of activities & competences is continuously extended by further project participations and start-up preparations – currently in the fields of Medtech, Proptech, Adtech & Drone Tech.

    His versatile practical expertise as well as his profound academic & technical-business education are important prerequisites to empathize with the entrepreneurial challenges of start-ups and established companies and to provide goal-oriented support. But the real success factors lie in his personal drive & committent and his unlimited enthusiasm for new topics and challenges.

Dr. Peter Pinzinger

Dr. Pinzinger Corporate Finance stands for the valuation of medium-sized companies in all phases of the company life cycle, especially during foundation, financing and succession. Our consulting approach is strictly value-oriented. Especially companies that are at the beginning of a promising path, we sensitise for an efficient use of the resources at their disposal, lean corporate structures, unconditional cost flexibility and the long-term added value of a broad view.

Dr Peter Pinzinger | HIVE Financial Strategy Advisor

The business model of HIVE Systems GmbH is convincing from the point of view of risk control as well as from the point of view of multiple opportunities for long-term value-oriented corporate growth.

Well-proven methods of aerospace technology enter into a promising symbiosis with the possibilities of the Internet of Things, which appears in novel, practically fully automated security services. The isolated coexistence of honeycomb, drone, battery exchange system, data acquisition and data processing, as well as the visionary combination of these elements, allow for a modular approach and a strict focus on core competencies.

The very pleasing development of the company and the lively customer interest, also and in particular from the sector of private and public infrastructure companies, herald a great future, which is already casting its shadow dimly ahead today: In its highest level of integration, the HIVE system promises to open up and make usable areas of the data and risk map that were previously thought to be permanently white for cost reasons, be it for the optimisation of production processes, be it for the provision of temporary services, be it as part of the infrastructure itself. The sky is the limit for conceivable applications, in the true sense of the word.

The committed team around the two founders Tristan Scheler and Jan Suk follows this ambitious mission statement day after day, courageous step, determined action and far-sighted view, but above all consistently value-oriented.

We are happy to be at the company’s disposal as financial advisors in all questions of its financing strategy, thank them for the mandate as well as for their receptiveness to our mentoring and look forward to an exciting future.

About Dr Peter Pinzinger

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  • Dr Peter Pinzinger

    Studied business administration with a focus on corporate finance at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. After working for two corporate finance boutiques in Munich and Nuremberg, most recently in a leading position, and passing the Certified Valuation Analyst exam, he studied for a doctorate at the graduate school of the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg with a focus on corporate finance. At the same time, step into entrepreneurial independence. Dissertation on the market risk premium in the context of objectified company valuation.

    Research analyst for an owner-managed private equity fund of funds in Munich, management of the business of two hydroelectric power plants in Austria, revitalisation of one of the two plants in the aftermath of the HQ 100 event in June 2013, lead handling of a corporate re-takeover in the legal complex of a fideikommissarische Substitution in the outbound case with exempt predeceased previous heir and fideikommiss as heirs of the exempt predeceased previous heir with special consideration of the restrictions of the Tyrolean foreigner land transfer under the legal circumstances before 1994.

    Founded Dr. Pinzinger Corporate Finance in 2019, advising private and public companies on financial strategy issues in the DACH region, also and in particular in acute situations. Many years of industry experience, including the automotive industry, chemicals, energy, gastronomy, trade, real estate, agriculture and forestry. Focus of interest on valuation issues under company law and practical contract economics (BGS). Memberships include European Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (EACVA), German Physical Society (DPG).





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